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Bay of Islands Cruising in Autumn

Cruise about the stunning Bay of Islands exploring marine & wildlife in their natural habitat during the less crowded Autumn months

autumn sunset from rock the boat

There is never a bad time of year to visit the Bay of Islands and take an overnight trip aboard the Rock Adventure Cruise! If you are looking to come join us between the months of March and May, you will find yourself coming during the Autumn months of New Zealand. This is a spectacular time of year to visit the Bay of Islands and here are just a couple of reasons why: 
Firstly, the temperature in the Autumn stays fairly consistent and mild. The temperatures during the start of Autumn, in March, can still reach the heights of 24 degrees which is almost like summer temperatures! You’ll definitely appreciate a cool off in the ocean during our swim stop, having a kayak and paddleboard as well as snorkelling and taking in all of the incredible marine life the Bay of Islands has to offer!

children snorkeling bay of islands

Even if you come towards the end of Autumn as we are heading into Winter, the temperature remains fairly mild and you are still able to do all of the activities aboard, as it is called the ‘Winterless North’ up here! The colder months are known for their clear and calm conditions, making them a stunning time of year to take in the beauty of the Bay of Islands and the crystal-clear waters with incredible visibility. The Islands themselves are covered in native plant life. The majority of New Zealand’s native trees are evergreen. Therefore, the leaves of the native species do not change colour during the Autumn months and fall of during the Winter. This has meant that they have evolved to be incredibly resistant to changes in weather conditions and have relatively small leaves too. You may not see a full array of Autumn colours on the islands during these months but the beauty of the Islands’ luscious green plant life is a treat to see all year round.

wildlife cicada on tree

The Autumn months are also quieter than the Summer months in the Bay of Islands. This will give you plenty of space to yourself to take in the views without any crowds. Out on the Rock we love to take out small groups to quiet spots to spend the night and explore one of the many islands we have to choose from, which we think is the best way to experience the Islands yourself or with your friends and family too. If the temperature does get a bit chilly, we do have wetsuits to hire and we have raincoats, thick duvets and a cosy fireplace too, so you’ll stay nice and warm! If you are thinking of coming to join us during the Autumn months then we couldn’t recommend it more and would love to help you out with any questions you may have. 

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