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Tiaki Promie - Show Respect

Today, we delve into our commitment to the Tiaki pillar of "Show Respect" and explore how it enriches both the visitor experience and the preservation of this pristine natural paradise we call our backyard.

The Rock support Tiaki Promise - Show Respect

Located in the breathtaking beauty of the Bay of Islands our small business goes beyond just offering exhilarating adventures. We not only provide thrilling experiences but also embody the essence of the Tiaki Promise.

The Tiaki Promise is a set of guiding principles that encourage visitors to New Zealand to protect, respect, and cherish the country's unique environment and cultural heritage. The Rock team fully embraces this promise, considering it an integral part of our mission. With the pillar of "Show Respect," we actively foster a deep appreciation for the natural wonders of the Bay of Islands, ensuring a sustainable and responsible approach to tourism.

At the Rock Adventure Cruise we aim to operate with an unwavering commitment to preserving the delicate ecosystems of the Bay of Islands. Through our tours and activities, we educate our guests about the importance of conservation, encouraging them to adopt eco-friendly practices. The knowledgeable crew shares insights about the marine life, the fragile flora, and the cultural significance of the area, fostering a sense of respect and awe for the natural environment.

Acknowledging the rich cultural heritage of the Bay of Islands, here at The Rock Adventure Cruise we promote respect for the local Māori culture, traditions and customs. We understand that not all of the beautiful Māori stories are for us to share, rather, we guide our guests to the people and places that these stories come from. We do have crew that are local, whakapapa Māori that are welcome to share any of the stories and waiata that have been passed down through their whanau, hapu and iwi if they choose to. We are extremely lucky to have the Waitangi Treaty Grounds just up the road where we encourage all our guests to visit and learn about the indigenous people and culture of this land.

We firmly believe that responsible tourism is key to preserving the Bay of Islands for future generations. We actively promote sustainable practices on our cruises, such as encouraging precycling, minimizing waste, reducing energy consumption, and respecting wildlife habitats. By setting an example, we inspire our guests to adopt these principles and become ambassadors for responsible tourism in their own lives.

The commitment to "Show Respect" doesn't diminish the thrill and excitement that The Rock Adventure Cruise offers. On the contrary, it enhances the experience, as guests are immersed in the beauty of the bay while being mindful of their impact on the environment. From swimming in the ocean, snorkeling and discovering the under water world to exploring picturesque islands, every adventure is crafted with respect for the natural and cultural treasures that abound.

We at The Rock Adventure Cruise exemplify the spirit of the Tiaki Promise's "Show Respect" pillar. By prioritizing the preservation of the Bay of Islands' natural wonders and cultural heritage, we strive to  demonstrate that responsible tourism can be both thrilling and rewarding. We are  committed to education, sustainability, and respect in all aspects of our business. When embarking on an adventure with us, guests will not only create life-long memories but also contribute to the preservation of this remarkable destination, leaving a positive and lasting impact.

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