The Rock | Bay of Islads Adventure Cruise


We love what we do here on board The Rock, sharing our special bit of the Bay of Islands. But you don't have to believe us let our guests tell you in our reviews.

"The entire tour from start to finish was incredible. There was a constant stream of activities and you could pick and choose what you wished to do. We shot paintballs, night kayaked, snorkelled, visited a beach, played games, enjoyed delicious food and of course fantastic company. Would recommend 100%"


"Anyone considering this, consider no more and just book it! This was one of my first experiences solo travelling up in the north after a tour and as nervous as I was. It really wasn’t needed! Honestly the crew are so good at what they do and their passion is obvious. They were chilled and chatty and made it even easier to feel comfortable. Making friends and socialising was easy and the activities were once in a life time! Thanks Rock the Boat for an amazing weekend. I’ll never forget it! Xx"


"13/10 experience. Highly recommended for all ages and types of travelers. We all had a great time & are planning another trip soon."


"The crew on The Rock are so friendly! The boat is an old ferry and has a lot of character. I’m sure there are plenty of other positive reviews, so I’ll say what caught my eye. We were lucky enough to snorkel for and eat urchins; kayak in a beautiful, secluded beach area; listen to the crew give some history about the islands at the top of a brief hike; spot some dolphins; and even eat some fresh caught fish. The tour has nice personal feel, something I don’t think the other companies in the area can claim. If you’re looking for a good way to see the bay, go with The Rock!"

Andrew K

"To start the crew aboard was absolutely fantastic and easy going. Just having them be the leaders of our stay made it very relaxed as if you were traveling with friends. The boat was awesome and very stable throughout the entire trip with all the amenities you could ask for while out on the ocean. Highly recommended!"

Nathan M

"The crew are wonderful and swimming in the fluorescent algae was one of the most surreal and beautiful moments of my life. Highly highly recommended!"