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Everything you need to know when coming on board The Rock!

We depart from Paihia, the gateway to the beautiful Bay of Islands. You can find out more about the region and what you can expect to see on our cruise.

We do not have parking available but here are a few options for local parking:

(a) Pay and display car park on Williams Road - 4 or 5 minutes walk to the wharf. Closest option.
(b) There are a number of unrestricted free parking spaces around our local roads, if you have the time to look around.
(c) Overnight parking is available at the following property, approximately 15-20 minutes flat walk back to Paihia wharf. Drive along the waterfront until you reach our towns only roundabout, take the first left and drive past the petrol station and supermarket and the 'BOI Holiday and Campervan Park' is on your left. Currently $15

The boat is fully equipped, comfortable and very, very stable (New Zealand’s largest houseboat). She is a flat bottom boat being that she was a car ferry in her former lift. However, she is still a boat.

We have a wide range of activities on offer, from fishing to kayaking, night swimming, paddle boarding, target shooting, seafood tasting, star gazing and nature watching just to name a few. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy every aspect of the cruise.

A small overnight bag is all you will need. A change of clothes, a warm jacket or jumper for the night time, your swimwear, a towel, water bottle (you can refill on board as much as you like), camera, nibbles and snacks to enjoy. Light footwear are fine - however optional. Cash or card (we have EFTPOS)

Just catch the passenger ferry over to Paihia - it runs three times per hour and takes approximately 15 minutes.

We sure do! You'll have a fantastic experience cruising in Winter as there less people in the Bay of Islands and less boats on the water. You'll need to bring an extra layer or 2 to keep you warm. We change to our winter bedding, have hot water bottles if you need that something extra and our crew will light fire so you can share stories while toasting marshmallows.

Check out our cruise calendar to see what dates we're open

You are welcome to bring your own nibbles and snacks onboard to enjoy between meals.

No alcohol is to be brought on board. We are fully licensed and have a bar on board with a good selection of alcoholic beverages at reasonable prices.

Yes... and no. As we are cruising out in the Bay of Islands some places have coverage and some don't. Not that it matters though because you'll be having such a great time you won't even notice!

Yes we do our best to cater to you. Please ensure you let us know your dietary requirements before departure so we are prepared. We pack fresh our food for cruises each day so prior knowledge of your requirements is very helpful.

Our 22 hour Overnight Cruise begins at 4pm or 5pm (during day light saving) with check-in being 15 minutes prior to departure. The cruise ends at approximately 2pm or 3pm (during day light saving) the following day where you will be returned to the Paihia wharf.

Our Day Cruise begins with an 8am departure from the Paihia wharf and returns at 2pm or 3pm (during day light saving) to the Paihia wharf.

We are located in Paihia in the beautiful Bay of Islands. Paihia is about a 3 hour drive north of Auckland (to be safe add an extra hour for traffic, road works etc). We are also a 20 minute drive from the nearest airport in Kerikeri. The Rock is moored just off the Paihia wharf, you can't miss her as you drive along the main road.

Check is 15 minutes prior to departure of the cruise. 3.45pm or 4.45pm during day light saving about half way down the Paihia wharf. You'll see the I-site, walk past there and at the halfway point you will see our blue "Rock" sign. Please wait there where our skipper and crew will greet you, then tender you to The Rock.

Yes - dinner, breakfast and lunch are included in your Overnight Cruise.
Dinner is served buffet style with roast, gourmet potatoes, a healthy selection of salads, bread rolls and condiments.
Breakfast we have a selection of cereals, warmed ciabatta with spreads, natural yoghurt and fresh fruit.
For lunch the crew serve lasagne with a side salad, chocolate brownie and fresh fruit is available.

If you're a Day Cruise guest lunch as described above is included.

Sorry folks The Rock is a hairdryer/straightener free zone.

One hairdryer uses as much power as more than 80 household lights! Due to our limited power supply, our generator or battery bank can only provide enough power for your one hairdryer or enough power for every other electrical appliance onboard The Rock, so we ask that you leave them on dry land.

Less rubbish is less rubbish – it’s just that simple! Please avoid bringing things that will generate extra waste. Bring your essentials in reusable containers or remove unnecessary packaging from products BEFORE you come on board. Let us together make a statement about the kind of world we want to live in.

So if you want to bring your snacks along, maybe pop them into a reusable container before you step on board.


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