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Waewaetorea Island - a gem tucked away in The Bay of Islands.

Come out and see the great outdoors the Bay of Islands have to offer. Check out the beautiful bioluminescent waters at Waewaetorea and see the local kiwi wildlife.

Get a glimpse of Waewaetorea Island while cruising through The Bay of Islands

Video Credit: Celia Chalmers


April 13-14, 2019






Stunning with no swell


Jake, Lotte, Sable & Celia


Southerly 25 dying out

Overnight Anchorage:

Waewaetorea channel

Snorkel Spot:

Waewaetorea reef

Island Visit:

Stingray cove


Bottle-nose dolphins, Penguins, Stingray, Trevally, School of Jack, Kina


Skipper's Report:
What to do when you’re at Auckland, New Zealand and need to get some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Head on to The Bay of Islands and get the best of both worlds in the great outdoors even during Autumn before the cold winter sets in. Get as much vitamin D as you can while it’s still sunny outside. 

If you’ve ever been to the Bay of Islands before, you’d know that there are vast activities to do that would require much time to be able to complete them all. The best alternative would be to go on a classic overnight cruise to get around the best spots of the Bay of Islands. Let the expert crew of The Rock Adventure Cruise take care of the itinerary, food, accommodations and most especially keep the bar flowing. 

guests enjoying at the rock cruise adventures

bonding with the rock adventures crew

Together with 14 passengers, we were all set to go and depart Paihia port and get the weekend started. After everyone has settled in their respective cabins, the friendly crew of The Rock welcomed us with the first round of free drinks and popcorn. There are a wide array of things to do aboard The Rock to keep one entertained as we cruised towards our overnight anchorage at Waewaetorea Island, one of the hidden gems of the Bay of Islands. 

happy hour at the rock adventure cruise

mountain view at the rock

During the night we enjoyed the stunning work nature as we went to our kayaks guided by The Rock crew, we paddled out to the magnificent bioluminescent waters at Waewaetorea bay, New Zealand. The glistening bioluminescence beauty is one of nature’s wonder found in the Bay of Islands. We’ve taken photos but it certainly didn’t do any justice, so it’s best if you come down here and see it for yourself.


The next day, after a quick breakfast and warm up we headed to explore more of Waewaetorea Island, while it was tempting to just grab a book and relax by the sandy beach. We went to see more of the lush greenery and made it to the top in awe of the panoramic picture of Waewaetorea Island, a small island among the hundreds of others in the Bay of Islands. 

For our much-needed lunch, The Rock Crew prepared a nice spread of fresh kiwi seafood for us to feast on. (Check out the images below to give you a sneak peek of our delicious lunch.)

food at the rock adventure cruise

smoked fish at the rock adventure cruise

ceviche at the rock adventure cruise

While we were enjoying our lunch, we got a surprise visit from 8 Bottle-nose Dolphins and a sighting of 2 Korora - the New Zealand little penguin, north of Russel rock on the way home.

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