The Rock | Bay of Islads Adventure Cruise

The Rock Adventure Cruise 28/29 January 2019

Stunning night sky, amazing stargazing and especially bright Phosphorescence.

Cruise Log: The Rock Adventure Cruise, Bay of Islands, Jan 28th 2019


Jan 28th 2019






Sunny with a 0.5m Swell


Austin, Sonja, Arthur


South 5- 10

Overnight Anchorage:

Electric Bay

Snorkel Spot:

Amy Bay

Island Visit:



Stingray, Tui, Fantail, Snapper


Skipper's Report

The start to another heatwave and we are happy to get underway and enjoy the breeze on the water. A small intimate cruise for the time of the year and we are excited to welcome John & Linda back on board as they cruised on the Rock some 14 years ago! 

We put out our the lines and trawl for kawhai along the rocks to Long Beach heading to the anchorage of Electric Bay with flat calm water for our dusk fishing. The fish were biting and even an octopus was pulled onboard but no "keepers" this evening.

An absolutely stunning evening, beautiful clear night for star gazing and the phosphorescence was especially bright for night kayaking.

The following morning we cruised to Amy Bay and snorkeled for over an hour before stopping at Waewaetoria for our Island stop. The water visibility is easily 20 metres, just perfect conditions!

The addition of freshly smoked fish and also sashimi makes for a tasty cruise home to Paihia. Don't leave it another 14 years John and Linda!


Video Credit: Arthur Maclean

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