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Talk like a local!

We share some of our favourite "Kiwi" slang words that will have you blending with the locals and maybe even talking like us too!

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand or coming out to cruise with us in the Bay of Islands, you may know that us Kiwi’s have a collection of words that don’t get used anywhere else in the world. We are going to let you in on a few of the most commonly used kiwi slang words and have you talking like a real local in no time! 

Group photo taken on top of Waewaetorea Islands

Firstly, if you are thinking of popping around the corner to get some snacks from your local small shop, you would be taking a trip to what is known as a 'dairy' here. This is one that gets used a lot and very useful to know. 

Next one is 'jandals', which are known overseas as flip flips of if you’re Australian, they’re thongs. Just to make it even more confusing! The name jandals comes from Japanese sandals being combined into one word which makes a lot of sense we think!

If you are planning a trip on the Rock Overnight Adventure cruise you are definitely going to want to take a dip in the warm Pacific Ocean. To do this, you’re going to need some swim wear of course! Here that is known as your togs. So, don’t forget to pack your togs with you as you’d be pretty stuck without them. 

You will also notice that kiwi’s like to add ‘As’ on to words. For example, if something is all good and cool with you, you would say that is ‘sweet as’ or if you are excited for something you would say that you are ‘keen as’ or could also say you were stoked – just to add another word to the mix. ‘As’ can get added on the end of lots of different words so listen out for it, and it’s usually a good thing! 

Kiwi’s also like to add the term ‘eh’ onto the end of virtually any sentence. You could say ‘the weather’s nice today eh’. This term is very catchy and you might find yourself saying it when you go back home!   

If you are planning a big trip or just going for a bit of an explore of different places, that is known here as a ‘Tiki tour’. So, make sure you book to come tiki touring around New Zealand!

Island walk at Motura Bay of Islands
You might be looking to stay at often beachfront or small holiday home style places which are known here as a ‘Bach’ pronounced like ‘batch’. In your bach you would have a bed with a duvet to keep you warm, also known as a comforter or a doona to Australians. After a long day you will be knackered (tired) and be ready to snuggle under your duvet.

Feeling chilly? Put on a jersey or a jumper as they are called here. That might be a sweater or fleece to you!

But nothing will warm you up like a ‘cuppa’ a good ole cup of tea or coffee. This will go perfectly with a lamington which is delicious sweet treat you absolutely must try when you are in New Zealand! Soft sponge cake, covered in either a chocolate or raspberry sauce, covered with desiccated coconut, it's quintessential Kiwi and you have to give it a try at least once! 

Hopefully there’s a few words there that will get your prepared for you New Zealand trip and you will fit in with the locals! 

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The Rock from an island vantage point

Posted by on July 15, 2020


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