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Successful fishing sessions at the Bay of Islands

Amazing day for fishing, we all indulged in generous servings of fresh sashimi.

Successful fishing sessions at the Bay of Islands

Video Credit: Celia Chalmers



March 12/13,2019






Fine with odd cloud, 0.5 m swell dying out


Lotte,Marius,Arthur, Austin  & Celia


North going North West 10-15 knots

Overnight Anchorage:

Roberton Island

Snorkel Spot:

Waewaetorea reef

Island Visit:

Waewaetorea Island


Bottle-nose dolphins, Penguins, Stingray, Trevally, School of Jack, Kina

Greeted by fantastic weather the energy on The Rock was high, everybody seemed to have a nice time. All 26 guests were keen to do the activities that come with their Overnight Cruise package, and not miss a single fun thing to do in the Bay of Islands.

Austin, one of our trusted crew at The Rock, kept the cruisers in the know about the Kiwi marine life found on the Bay of Islands plus its rich historical background as we approached Roberton Island to drop our moors.

It was a sunny day so everyone was advised to apply sunscreen before catching some sun. We let everyone have a try at target shooting, a unique activity that we offer at The Rock that surely adds more fun to the whole cruise experience. 

guys chilling at the deck at the Rock NZ

target shooting at the rock NZ

Our first fishing session was pretty successful, we caught plenty of fishes even other first-timers hooked some decent Snappers. We were on a lucky fishing streak. We cast our fishing rods on the shallow waters in Roberton island.  We easily caught some legal sized Kawai, Snappers, Trevally and Kingfish to feast on later. The best bit of our fishing wins was devouring the fresh Trevally sashimi and smoked Kawai for dinner. 

fresh cut Trevally sashimi at The Rock

After spending a few hours together, The Rock turned into a party boat special thanks to our lively passengers and The Rock crew who are always down for a swell time. The fun continues on our second day, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to swim with the fishes in the crystal clear water, so we spent most of the morning snorkelling at Waewaetorea reef. Then we proceed to the much-awaited trek up Waewaetorea Island to see the picturesque view. We relaxed a little while and just took it all in, appreciating the beauty that was right before us. 

Any beach lover or nature lover would totally dig joining in all the activities at the Bay of Islands or just witnessing the lush greenery and clean beaches that New Zealand has to offer.

The Rock crew serving drink on The Rock Cruise

kayak and paddleboarding along The Rock NZ

girls loving the overlooking view at the bay of islands

Do check out the video above to see more the cruise highlights! 

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