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Spectacular cruise to end the year at The Rock Adventure Cruise.

Being out in the open and breathing fresh air was quite refreshing, giving a great sense of relief and freedom while savouring the present moment.


December 30, 2019






2m swell rolling through mornings and again at Tapeka


Sam and Nicole


S 10, some northerly breezes

Overnight Anchorage:

Electric Bay

Snorkel Spot:

Palm Beach

Island Visit:

Roberton Island




Skipper's Report

At around 5:20 pm everybody was excited to get the cruise started. After everybody has settled in we began our cruise towards Electric Bay, our overnight anchorage destination in the Bay of Islands New Zealand. The weather was fine until a little swell formed some distance rolling throughout the morning. When the local wind has gone and the boat swings across the swell the delightful small coves seemingly well sheltered from the wind and swell.

 The rock adventure crew guiding the guests.

The bar served cold refreshments for everyone to get everyone in a holiday mood while admiring the beautiful views that surround us. You can’t help but admire the beauty of nature everywhere you look. The Rock Adventure crew gave the guests an insight about the local secrets, Sam and Nicole, showed us some of the remarkable coves, beaches, and spots where we can see the best local marine life. The guests were excited to know that we’re headed to those hidden gems to swim and do some snorkelling to get up close the local marine wildlife. First-time anglers, as well as seasoned ones, were also keen to bag some Snappers or Trevally as dusk time was approaching. It is known that the best times for fishing is either during sunrise or at dusk. 

During sundown, we spent the afternoon cruising and exploring Electric bay by paddle boarding and kayaking in the crystal clear ocean and the beautiful scenery of the ranges of the Bay of Islands. Taken together, we had a very fun day, and the night was set for relaxing. Drinks were served while waiting for our delicious dinner, a selection of barbecue and fresh seafood from our dusk fishing earlier. 

dusk fishing at the bay of islands

Waking up in a houseboat in the Bay of Islands was wonderful. The ocean was just calm, it was the perfect background to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Our next island stop was Roberton Island, the closest island to Pahia wharf tucked away in the lovely Bay of Islands. We had to paddle our way with our kayaks or paddleboard to access the little piece of paradise with the supervision of the crew to ensure that our guests are fully prepared to have the best experience possible. Being out in the open, and enjoying the fresh air was quite refreshing and overwhelming. The scenery is breathtaking, we got a chance to swim with fishes and spend some time in the water. Everyone was having a great time learning a new skill such as paddle boarding and kayaking, it was quite satisfying.

paddle boarding at the bay of islands new zealand

Roberton Island mountain top

Our boot camp continued with an island walk, a beach cleanup and hiked our way to the top of Roberton Island. Awe-inspiring, challenging, and unforgettable, these are all words to describe the trek across the Bay of Islands and our guests were up for the big adventure. The hike looked great in photos but is even better once we were there. The one-day hike allowed us to walk until the last section of the famous view of the picturesque Twin lagoons. Ending in the afternoon, for their first views of the Bay of Islands, it was so much more rewarding to arrive this way to the top of the island where every step was worth the effort.

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