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New Years Resolution For More Adventure at The Bay of Islands

Unique New Year's Resolutions for Your Adventurous Life with The Rock Adventure Cruise in the Bay of Islands


January 3, 2020






Overcast, sunny day


Nicole and Sierra


S20 gusting 30

Overnight Anchorage:

Electric Bay

Snorkel Spot:

North side of Robbies

Island Visit:

Roberton Island



 Skipper’s report:

The ocean was quiet this time of the year. The water was calm and we all dragged ourselves into the sea without expecting anything. We do not know the new exciting adventure our cruise has to bring, and we’re excited to host our guests for this unknown adventures. With our dedicated and our promising The Rock crew, we all cruised into the unknown. There is no greater feeling than to share with our guests the beautiful Bay of Islands and to let them experience the tropical side of New Zealand.

exploring the beauty of the bay of islands

dusk fishing in the bay of islands

We spent a day lying on the beach and let flashbacks of memory and strong emotions sink in the sand. Giant waves are coming, very intimidating and scary, but we allow them time to calm the self so they can think clearly about what to do to avoid distress and discomfort. The experience in the water gives a better chance of getting through the ordeal. We have seen the awe on their faces when they allow themselves to immerse themselves in the water. This is what riding the waves is all about. It’s a healing process and treatment from the sea.

The open water is different from a pool where the tide changes every day, waves break on the sandbank, and the water then drains away from the shallow sandy reef into deeper waters. But the truth about the secret hidden underneath the ocean is an abundance of sea wildlife. Discover the depths of the ocean filled with colourful coral reef kingdoms, swim with penguins, hitch a ride with a dolphin, get up close and personal with a whale shark, and enhance all your knowledge with the various exotic creatures. New Zealand is a place filled with beauty, taking the time to explore the wild world of the ocean is the best way to cure your fears.

Spend a day as an explorer of the unknown and learn as much as you can as we go on our ocean adventure in the Bay of the Islands. By the end of the day, we all have a nice and relaxing chance to watch the sunset. We also provide gears necessary for all our guests for Kayaking, snorkelling, dusk fishing, target shooting, and paddle-boarding. The outdoor activities still kept them active with the opportunity to learn new experiences and acquire new skills. It’s a great way to bond with loved ones by doing something out of the ordinary and exposed to new challenges.

Your doctor might prescribe medications to treat some symptoms of anxiety and panic, but our outdoor adventure encourages you to explore new places to overcome those fears and learn ways to cope with those thoughts. Mindful therapy is a way to learn to overcome your fear of water. Fell in love with the ocean again, The Rock Adventure Cruise is a great place to start your search for adventure buddies.

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