The Rock | Bay of Islads Adventure Cruise

Joint Cruise from Paihia to the Bay of Islands

Thank God it’s Friday! A total of eleven passengers joined us on board for our joint B&B Cruise and Overnight Cruise.

Cruise Log: The Rock Adventure Cruise, Bay of Islands, Feb 15th 2019 


Feb 15,2019






Sunny with a 0.5m Swell


Jake, Austin  & Celia


South going Easterly 25 knots

Overnight Anchorage:

Waipohutukawa bay

Snorkel Spot:

North okahu

Island Visit:

Palm Beach


Kahawai, Sand Dagger Wrasse, School of Jack Mackerel


Video Credit: Celia Chalmers

Thank God it’s Friday! A total of eleven passengers joined us on board for our joint B&B Cruise and Overnight Cruise.

The night was calm as we headed to Cooks Cove for a nice night swim to cool off the sunny day. We were greeted by a  beautiful sunset perfect for dusk fishing, our guests were delighted by their successful fishing experience, unfortunately, none of the fish  caught were big enough to be served for dinner.

Our crew managed to catch a mid-sized Kahawai fresh from the water, although it’s a little bit tricky to catch one because of its aggressive nature once it’s hooked it went straight to the kitchen. Thinly cut, placed on ice with soy sauce and wasabi. Our passenger Sue had her first Sashimi experience ever, our crew was happy to share the moment while out on the water. A Friday night well spent indeed! 

The next morning our B&B group joined the rest of the group for a hearty Kiwi breakfast, which is traditionally served on board. We were left with four passengers filled with excitement as they carried on their day cruise adventure.   

fun times cruising toward palm beach- Rock the boat adventure cruise new zealand

Jake kicking off the fun activities on board rock the boat -New Zealand

getting ready for some water activities-rock the boat- New Zealand

Due to the weather conditions, we sailed towards North Okahu and anchored for some snorkeling and underwater fun as we got up close and personal with some Sand Dagger Wrasse, Kahawai and a school of Jack Mackerel. After a few refreshments, everyone was giddy as we cruised towards Palm Beach, the weather finally cooperated until we reached our next destination. The four members of our Day cruise was greeted by a nice view at the top of their Island Walk together with Cecilia, Rock the Boat’s master photographer, who captured these moments. 

walk to the top of the island at palm beach -The Rock Adventure Cruise.jpg

As we cruised our way back to Paihia port, everyone devoured the delicious Smoked Butterfish with a satisfied look on their faces. 

Do watch the video above to see the highlights of Rock Adventure Cruise last February 15,2019. 

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