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Skipper's Log


December 5, 2019








Sam, Nicole, Celia


NW15 (20) going SW less than 10 overnight

Overnight Anchorage:

Assasination Cove

Snorkel Spot:

Mussel Rock

Island Visit:

Warwaetorea Island


Lots of penguins

We were completely ready to go underway at exactly 5:05 pm from Paihia port to start our cruise onward the Bay of Islands, headed to our overnight anchorage at Electric Bay. Exposed to or warmed by sunlight during much of each day having a great or excessive amount of wind and presence of clouds overcast.
Onboard are The Rock Adventure Cruise and crew members, Sam, Nicole, Jessica, and Stephen are cruising with us today to help us know more about the beautiful piece of paradise of The Bay of Islands. The method of travel that highlights the Bay of Islands, immersive wildlife excursions, and the beautiful place for every nature lover will surely enjoy, only continues to grow. We have a unique lounging area that will allow guests to be closer to the water. The Rock NZ with the help of our crew provides baits and the needed fishing gears necessary. For our lucky guests, we caught some good hits from kahawai, and a blue mackerel to add in our delicious dinner menu.
The warm water is coming, we are fully equipped, with the help of The Rock Crew, everyone met their instructors and tells the plans for the day. Our destination for the second day was Warwaetorea Island. Based on experience, by the way, Warwaetorea has one of the word-class beaches allowing our guests to enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkelling in the crystal clear waters and exotic underwater view on our way to the island. With everyone’s safety in mind, and to give only the best experience we simply glide our way to the breathtaking surrounds of New Zealand, embracing the positive feelings of enjoyment, calmness, and refreshment of its divine beauty.

guests try kina for the first time

 island walk in the bay of islands

We show our guests a brief nature experience, a 90-min walk in the natural setting, to allow them to have a self-focus. A pathway by which nature experience improves mental well-being and suggests that accessible natural areas within the Bays of Islands are the best nature experience in our rapidly urbanizing world. The islands hold a great diversity of extraordinary species, but also of a huge variety of undersea features such as deep canyons, large kelp forests, volcanic reefs, caves, and pinnacles, which will surely leave a lasting impression on our guests. The great experiences in nature are particularly profound, effective, and perceived phenomena in nature form the significant content of a true Kiwi experience.
The lingering shots of its turquoise waters and unspoiled beauty of the Bay of Islands feature heavily in The Rock Adventure Cruise. Most of the activities were there out on the water, whether that be cruising, big-game fishing, kayaking, snorkeling or cruising around in the company of whales and dolphins. But the spectacular remnants of the ancient kauri forests that once blanketed the top of the country is the highlight of the day in our island walk. The place hangs heavily with a memorial to both Māori and Colonial culture and history. The forested slopes, secret white sand coves, and glittering expanse of the blue sea have made the region a cruising haven, an amazing experience for our guest on board to the scenic sightseeing around the Bays of Islands
Want to find out more about the lovely time we spent cruising through the Bay of Islands?
Check out the video clip above to get a glimpse about happenings aboard The Rock Adventure Cruise! 


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