The Rock | Bay of Islads Adventure Cruise

Great times with a mix of 23 guests on The Rock NZ

There's always a lot of cool stuff to do in The Rock Adventure Cruise while touring the Bay of Islands.

Lots of cool stuff to do while in the Bay of Islands 

Skipper's Report:


April 19, 2019






SW 15(35)


Jake, Sabelle, Joelle & Celia


Residue swell n 1 meter. Fine with clouds

Overnight Anchorage:

Kiekie Cove

Snorkel Spot:

Army Bay

Island Visit:

Roberton Island


Dolphin, Kina, Snapper


A mix of 23 international and local tourists joined The Rock NZ for the classic 22-hour overnight cruise. The weather was fit for the outdoor activities arranged by The Rock crew for that day. Target shooting was easily the crowd's favourite ice breaker activity particularly for every medium-sized to a large group of passengers.

guitar playing at the rock adventure cruise

target shooting at the rock adventure cruise

beers at the rock adventure cruise

The objective of the game is for the shooter to hit the duck target whom we call "Lee" and whoever successfully hits the target gets a free drink on the house. There's no better reward for anyone who's down to have a great time at The Rock NZ. 

The wide selection of board games made the cruise to  Kiekie Cove much more enjoyable for everyone, mainly our younger guests. Kiekie Cove was our choice of overnight anchorage, one of the most underrated spots in the Bay of Islands. The beautiful sunset was a mark that we have chosen the right place to drop the anchor. 

sunset at the rock adventure cruise

Nothing gives us more pleasure than hearing wonderful feedback from our guests. Most of our guests on board heard about The Rock NZ from our previous goers who had a splendid time cruising with us and also fell in love with the Bay of Islands. 

Who wouldn't fall in love with the beautiful views surrounding the Bay of Islands? Snorkel and explore the rich marine life, also get a chance to catch a fish and have it cooked right in front of you. The fresh catch is usually smoked or barbecued by our crew together with a thinly sliced sashimi which we all devour once served. 

To make up for the feast and the amount of alcohol consumed over the last couple of hours on The Rock NZ, we sweat it out by doing a little midday hike all the way up the hill at Roberton Island. The beautiful panoramic view is the best reward for everyone who gets to the finish line. 

view at the rock adventure cruise

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