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Great Cruise Trip at the Bay of Islands

Shared wonderful cruise experience with guests from all over the world! An excursion to a piece of paradise rich in wildlife and picturesque beaches.


December 29, 2019






Super sunny blue skies


Sam, Celia, Sierra, and Stephen


S 10, some northerly breezes

Overnight Anchorage:

Electric Bay

Snorkel Spot:

Palm Beach

Island Visit:

Roberton Island


Lots of penguins


The Traffic was heavy on way from Auckland, a few accidents and many roadworks made for long drives for plenty of guests. Our work is to quickly allow everyone onboard to relax and settle into holiday mode. We headed our way at exactly 5:30 pm from Paihia port to start our cruise onward the Bay of Islands, headed to our overnight anchorage at Electric Bay. Warm sun from the clear blue sky, nothing could be better, lounging bench chair observing the horizon. The cloudless day was perfect for this sunny day. The light blue sky was brilliant against the waves and we’re stuck in this pattern of near perfection of weather.
Onboard were The Rock Adventure Cruise and crew members, Sam, Nicole, Sierra, and Stephen are cruising with us today to help us know more about the beautiful piece of paradise and immersive wildlife excursion in the Bay of Islands. The cruise was efficiently done after three pick up trips to locate late guests. A huge range of guests from, quiet readers to high energy all in families, but everybody worked together really well. We had entertaining fishing in the evening. Yoshi caught a beautiful Trevally, which we kept in the Livy tank until the second day and then served as fresh sashimi and he shared with everyone.

The Rock Adventure Cruise

fishing in new zealand

The addition of day cruisers filled the boat and kept the team on their toes, with the weather opening up, without a cloud in the sky and my favourite was being approached by separate guests, both Nadi, Aline and more coming over to say they did not want to leave and just loved the experience in the boat. That really made our day!
The highlights of our travel in the Bay of Islands were the various water sports activities from water sports like snorkelling, kayaking, fishing, and target shooting that our guests definitely enjoyed just being near in the waters. With the help of The Rock Crew, we are fully equipped, met the instructors and introduced the plans for the day. Our destination for the second day was Roberton Island. The island's heritage is full of fascinating stories about its history, which dates back to the early days of pre-European Maori civilization. The picturesque coastlines and lush greenery and serene clear water are perfect to immerse yourself in the subtropical waters as we snorkel seeing local fish, stingrays and collecting seafood to taste and share on our cruise home, or Kayak along island shorelines looking for caves and seeing the birdlife.

roberton island with the rock adventures cruise
The Bays of Islands is the best nature experience in our rapidly urbanizing world. The islands hold a great diversity of extraordinary species, but also of a huge variety of undersea features such as deep canyons, large kelp forests, volcanic reefs, caves, and pinnacles, which will surely leave a lasting impression on our guests. Great experiences in nature are particularly profound and affective from the significant content of a true Kiwi experience.
Explore subtropical islands with a knowledgeable guide and learn about the history, local culture & wildlife or relax on the beach. Want to find out more about the lovely time we spent cruising through the Bay of Islands?


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