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Experience an Ocean Therapy in the Bay of Islands

Cleanse your mind-body-spirit in the Bay of Islands. Taste the freshest seafood aboard in wonderful company.


January 9, 2020






Fine, a fair chip at Tapeka eg 1m


Sam. Nicole, Sierra,Stephen


Northerly breeze settling to SW10

Overnight Anchorage:

Electric Bay

Snorkel Spot:

Mussel Rock

Island Visit:

Roberton Island


Dolphins shortly before Mussel Rock, morning swiftly towards Roberton. Enjoyed through binoculars

Dolphins again while at anchor two hours later at Roberton - rangers communicating well with tourists and operators alike

Penguins solitary but frequent.

Kiwi nest reported at Roberton passed onto DOC


Captain's Log

Good weather has arrived just in time for our cruising retreat from the stunning coastline of Paihia, and there are plenty of guests that came with us today searching for the warm and relaxed beach walks, fresh seafood, and good company. The Rock Adventure Cruise takes a body-mind-spirit tour of our ocean paradise, with Uni sampling right at the boat, Snorkeling at the Mussel Rock, and paddleboarding in Roberton Island.
Standing at the edge of the boat overlooking the ocean’s vast horizon, shimmering turquoise water can make you feel both unstoppable and insignificant at the same time. Its sheer beauty can both overwhelm that inspires us to keep moving in our adventure. When we entered the snorkelling spot at the Mussel Rock, we were met with calm water. We prepared all the necessary gear, as we were all ready to go to the water. After going for a swim, it is not uncommon for one to feel youthful, revitalized, and happy.
To increase perceived self-efficacy, we let our guests engage with more physical activity like snorkelling, kayaking, fishing, and target shooting. The watersports are adapted to meet any and limiting all physical and/or emotional challenges, where the guests were really successful in conquering the challenges. The supportive environment coupled with the resilience and physical aptitude of the crew lends itself to some of the most astounding educational and interactive vacations ever. The benefits of being in the ocean were obvious in the emotional reactions of the children during and after their experience in the water. The challenging exercises, the beautiful waterscapes and the accomplishment of learning a new skill, ocean therapy has the power to heal both the mind and body.
In a society that often relies heavily on prescribing medications to alleviate our ailments, it’s easy to forget that sometimes the best treatment comes from the purest of sources in nature itself. The ocean is for everyone to share because what everyone needs is a little break from work or the school. From a holistic perspective, immersion in nature plays an important role in our wellbeing. Literally, being submerged in the ocean plays a particularly powerful role in bringing contentment to a person. And it seems to be the perfect way to relax the mind and reduce stress, which was pretty obvious from our guest now that looks to be more invigorated.
The most important is that the ocean is a great leveller that strips away the physical stress and mental strains because for all of us we are at the mercy of the ocean. It provides a level playing field for everyone to connect. To highlight the most favourite form of relaxation, which links calmness and the sea coming out at the forefront, just looking at the horizon enables us to slow down, breathe and awaken our senses, connecting in a wider and more analog world.

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