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Dolphin sighting in the Bay of Islands

Dolphins, stingray and much more!

A magical day dolphin sighting at the Bay of Islands

Video Credit: Celia Chalmers


March 9, 2019






Rain/cloud 0.5m N


Jake, Arthur, Marius & Celia


Souh West 15

Overnight Anchorage:

Electric Bay

Snorkel Spot:

Army Bay

Island Visit:

Army Bay


Dolphins, Kina, Snappers, Kahawai


It was an extra special overnight cruise for 20 passengers from Paihia port. The weather condition was a little cloudy but it didn't fret the warm atmosphere on The Rock boat. The crew members committed to having a great cruise made everyone feel at ease. There's always a pleasant surprise awaiting at the Bay of Islands.

kerimed doctors having drinks at the rock

Target shooting instantly sets the fun atmosphere after being introduced to “Lee”. Jake, one of The Rock NZ staff, acquainted the passengers with the local wildlife found in the Bay of Islands. New Zealand is home to a wide variety of local wildlife. Here at the Rock NZ, interacting with nature has always been a highlight every time our boat takes off from Paihia port towards our magical destination.

kerimed doctors target shooting at the rock

kerimed doctors chilling at the rock

Only a few hours on The Rock,  we were greeted by a pod of Dolphins swimming nearby the boat. It was such a treat for our passengers, a mixed group of Fits and Kerimed doctors to have an up-close contact with pods of Bottlenose dolphins.The incredible dolphin sighting experience made everyone more enthusiastic about spending the rest of the 22-hours overnight cruise in the Bay of Islands.

The water in Electric bay was decent, everyone had a great time swimming and fishing before the sun completely set in. Next on our list of activities was night kayaking, we are lucky to have bioluminescent water in the Bay of Islands. Observing the water phosphorescence at night was definitely on the top list of the group of doctors. Overall, the first day of the cruise was a success for all of us.  

kerimed doctors diving at the rock nz

Well rested and pumped for the second part of the cruise, we enjoyed a traditional Kiwi breakfast and got ready for the next set of activities prepared by The Rock staff. Bay of Islands truly is a piece of paradise in the north. If you haven't had a chance to explore the underwater, I suggest you urge yourself and don't be afraid to dive deep in the blue waters. Snorkelling and swimming with the local marine life are two of my personal favourite experiences in the Bay of Islands.

paddle boarding going to roberton island

group photo atop roberton island

Do check out our video above to see cruise highlights! 


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