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Cruising in Winter

Witness the Bay of Islands with less hustle and bustle, picturesque and enlightening

It’s not called the winterless North for nothing!

sunset view from rock the boat

Something great about the Bay of Islands is the mild temperatures all year round. Making the conditions great to explore the Bay throughout the whole year. The best thing about booking onto the Rock during winter is you will nearly have the whole Bay of Islands to yourself. With a lot fewer boats running during the winter months, the bay becomes a lot quieter and you may be lucky enough to be the only boat in an entire bay and have that little slice of heaven to yourself.

Not only for when you are on the boat but once you go onto the islands too, you will have the space to take your time and explore without crowds of people getting in the background of your photos. The winter in the Bay of Islands is often known for beautiful sunny and clear days, making the conditions in the crystal-clear water pretty magical.

enjoying a swim in the bay of islands

Wetsuits available to hire on board, so even though it might be bit chilly at first, you will be able to comfortable snorkel and take your time in the water exploring the underwater world and the colourful marine life living within the Bay of Islands all year around. We also keep it nice and cosy on-board the boat, with hot tea and coffee available at any time throughout the cruise to warm you up on the inside.

Hot water bottles which are a lovely little touch to comfort you after you get out of the water or if you fancy getting a bit cosy. Having a fireplace on board is not only unique but also the perfect place to chill out, tell stories and get toasty warm. You can huddle round and with your fellow guests in front of the fire in your jumpers and share travel adventures and tales together. The beautiful clear nights that we often have in the winter can make the star gazing pretty spectacular at this time of year too.

fireplace on rock the boat

The Rock cruises throughout the whole year as it is a great trip all year round and you are still able to do every activity. Just bring along an extra layer or two but don’t forget your sunscreen or sunglasses as you will still need them in the winter under the strong sun and reflection off of the water. All bedding is provided with thick duvets and comfy memory foam mattresses to keep you comfortable and warm at night too, so there is no worry about getting cold. The crew will also be preparing 3 meals for you, including a hot dinner and lunch which will warm you up and keep you energised throughout.

So, don’t hesitate to come during the winter, The Rock will be cruising all year round and there is never a bad time to come and explore the Bay of Islands.


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Posted by on May 20, 2020


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