The Rock | Bay of Islads Adventure Cruise

Aquatic Experience in the Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands is rich in marine life. The guests aboard The Rock Adventure Cruise experience a close encounter with local marine wildlife and had a chance to see them in their natural habitat.


January 16, 2020




Vickers, Nic


Fine 1m NE


Sam, Stephen,  Celia, and Sierra



Overnight Anchorage:

Pareanui Bay

Snorkel Spot:

North side of Robbies

Island Visit:



Snappers, Sand Dagger Wrasse

Cruise Logs

New Zealand has been gifted more than its fair share of amazing local wildlife attractions and species found here are unique to the country. As such this week’s adventure features include some of the best experiences that will allow visitors to witness wildlife in their natural habitat and take part in some of the best natural phenomena in the animal kingdom.
We embarked from Paihia towards our overnight anchorage at the Pareanui Bay, together with the Rock Adventure Cruise and its crew members that will accompany the guests for the entire adventure from start to finish. With their experience, knowledge, passion for the ocean, and oh yeah, the quirky stories behind a few remarkable islands, our nature experts will show you exactly how to survive the intimidating yet giving environment of the Bay of Islands. Some of our activities for our first day offers our guests a wide set of outdoor activities to enjoy like kayaking, snorkelling, dusk fishing, target shooting, island walk, paddleboarding, and many more. It is a wild adventure but also relaxing for the right vacation fun for all our guests.
 fishing local marine animals in the bay of islands

view top above marine life sanctuary in the Bay of Islands
Jumping off a boat into crystal-blue oceanic deep is thrilling enough and sends your heart into overdrive. Beyond the reef, out in the current, where the local fishes gather in schools, they are most likely to be seen on an early morning dive, but here in a beautiful snorkelling spot, they wait for them to come to you. We cruised through a pod of hundreds of fishes while they jumped out of the water and swam with the boat at just an arms reach away. Many of our guests have been able to capture some magnificent footage. Dolphins often follow us and swim alongside the boat and you can witness their agile swimming ability and their interest in playing. It provides a truly unforgettable wild experience to the underwater marine life to witness.
Life’s better with animals, with another day for a new way to meet them in an adventure through the mysterious rainforest and meet some of the amazing creatures that live in it, we headed to our island visit at the Waewaetoria Island. Whether to kayak or paddleboard your way through the crystal clear water, we provide the necessary gears to let the guests explore the island on their own. Watersports is an absolute blast for enthusiasts of all levels, and nothing is better than sharing this experience with your loved ones. It allows our guests to experience the area like a local, learn extensively about the island in and around the water, and have an overall incredible time.
Each time we visit the marine environment, the guests have the wonderful opportunity to encounter wildlife. However, the unfortunate potential to harm our marine life and resources exists with every visit. We promote an activity that supports conservation by enhancing environmental knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour to help them make the right decisions when you encounter wildlife and avoid the chances of putting endangered species, federally protected species and thousands of other species' lives at risk.

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