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10 happy cruisers having a wonderful time at The Rock New Zealand

Took our 10 lovely passengers cruising on the magical Bay of Islands, a wonderful intimate cruise.

Cruising around the Bay of Islands 

Video Credit: Celia Chalmers


March 8, 2019






Rain 1M North East


Jake, Austin  Lotte  & Celia


South West 15 knots

Overnight Anchorage:

Putakokota Bay

Snorkel Spot:

Army Bay

Island Visit:

Army Bay


Sand Dagger Wrasse, Snapper & Kina Shell


Skippers Report

We were completely ready to go underway at exactly 5:05 pm from Paihia port to start our cruise onward the Bay of Islands, headed to our overnight anchorage at Putakokota Bay. The weather was quite unpredictable, there were a few heavy showers of rain and before we pass by the next cove the skies cleared up

As we lounged by the deck and enjoyed our cold beers, Austin and Celia, The Rock Adventure crew members, pointed out the other islands and beaches within perspective with a dash of some quirky stories behind them.  They let the cruisers in on some secrets about The Bay of Islands. Where the best fishing spots are, the most beautiful sunset spots, the crystal clear waters where you can swim with the fishes brought to you by the awesome crew of The Rock Boat Adventures.

Surprisingly the weather was in our favor, the sun was up and we ready our snorkeling gears and liven our muscles before leaping off The Rock. The fishing rods were set for the dusk fishing session, and by big fortune, we caught a giant fish to add to our dinner menu. Spent the afternoon relaxing and exploring Putakokota Bay by paddle boarding and kayaking.

diving at The Rock NZ

swimming at the rock NZ

Drinks were served, the mood was set, the dinner spread looked tasty, it was even tastier after a bite. It was a nice intimate evening for our small group as we kicked back and stayed warm by the fire.

fireplace at The Rock NZ

The morning after was splendid, waking up to the calmness of the sea surrounded by water and marvelous views. We knew we were off to a good day, and we were right. We learned about our next island stop, Army Bay, it is one of the four beaches of Motorua Island tucked away in the lovely Bay of Islands. Good thing everyone was up for some physical challenge but with fun guaranteed, of course. For us to access this Pacific treasure we had to paddle away with our kayaks or paddle board. You can pick your own mode of transportation with the supervision of the crew. Our boot camp continued as we hiked our way to the top of Army Bay, witnessing the breathtaking view overlooking Motorua Island was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

fresh mussels at The Rock for dinner

kina shells at The Rock

Want to find out more about the lovely time we spent cruising through the Bay of Islands?

Check out the video clip above to get a glimpse about happenings aboard The Rock Adventure Cruise!  



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