The Rock | Bay of Islads Adventure Cruise


Packed up his life to follow his dream

Marius was lured to New Zealand from Surrey in the South East of England after seeing incredible pictures, videos and listening to other peoples tales of adventure.

Thankfully he informs us he hasn't been disappointed! A huge relief as it wasn't the easiest journey getting here, he practically sold all his belongings and worked hard for close to two years to enough money together and he's not regretted the decision one bit.

After travelling around the North Island with a fellow Brit for the first few weeks he then arrived in Paihia and took up his role as crew. Marius has worked overseas before when he was 18 spending 7 1/2 months in Australia working the land on farms.
He's really into hiking, nature, the outdoors, running, football... well most sports really! You will find Marius out there trying to catch waves these days, perfecting his technic after first learning to surf when he was younger. He also enjoys yoga and is a keen photographer, landscapes is his thing and we've got some of the best in the world ( maybe a little bias)


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