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Water Phosphorescence in Bay of Islands New Zealand


Night Kayaking Among The Sea of Stars

Do you ever wonder how it feels like to cruise along glowing waters? Hop on to a kayak at night in the Bay of Islands and paddle away under the stars. There are only a few places in the world where you get to experience water bioluminescence and that includes Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Witness this amazing opportunity when you stay overnight at The Rock Adventure Cruise among the other natural experience that you will get to enjoy onboard starting from Paihia, New Zealand. 

This natural phenomenon is called water phosphorescence or bioluminescent tides. The tides shine quietly and eerily in the dark. These bioluminescent tides can be found in many locations throughout the world, one location being the Bay of Islands. 

What is Water Phosphorescence?

Water Phosphorescence or water bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by living organisms in marine life. 

At glance, water bioluminescence resembles a sea of stars suspended in it. This phosphorescence is usually made possible by algae suspended in water. Very reminiscent of fireflies, a wide variety of algae emit a certain glow when they are disturbed. Sometimes, the glow is caused by the tides, while other times it is caused by boats in the water or by moving fish. 

Water phosphorescence isn't limited to just algae. Although very similar, this bioluminescence is also caused by marine plankton, also called marine fireflies. The plankton emits a glowing light that occurs when they are stressed. This action is used to evade predators and act as a defence mechanism. In very calm, deep waters, the glowing lights are visible when manually triggered. While on the beaches, the glow can be seen when waves break on the shore. 

One activity you can do while on the Bay of Islands is night kayaking. On nights, the kayak and paddles can glow an iridescent green. This is caused by millions of tiny Sea Glow Worms. Kayaking during the evening can give you a whole new perspective in the Bay of Islands.

Of course, while kayaking for phosphorescent water, be sure to take safety measures and always stick with the group.

It also helps to take a dry bag with you to store precious items like your phone. Our crew will guide you at all times when you are out in the water. If you require any additional assistance during your night kayak always ask our friendly crew from The Rock Adventure Cruise. Get familiar with the locals before your trip to the Bay of Islands.

Always remember to follow the safety guidelines and don't forget to savour every moment of the experience.  

Get a chance to experience this natural phenomenon when you join us for our overnight cruise, book your trip with us and make the most of your 24 hours in the Bay of Islands with The Rock Adventure Cruise. See our cruise calendar and book your trip. 




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