The Rock | Bay of Islads Adventure Cruise


Our undercover Kiwi!

Don't be fooled by the English accent and charm, this English Rose she is actually an undercover KIWI!

Celia was brought up in Oxford, England by her Kiwi parents and the call of the ocean and adventure has always been strong, she's also a bit of an adrenaline junkie who enjoys bungee jumping and skydiving so we'll put that down to those Kiwi genes!

She loves to travel and meet people from different cultures, backgrounds and hear their stories, that's one of her favourite things about working on The Rock. She has travelled to over 30 countries and one of her greatest memories and in fact, proudest moments was during a trip to Tanzania. While volunteering at a hospital she working in paediatrics, surgery and obstetrics and while only 17 at the time she delivered two babies!  Spend a little time will Celia and you soon discover her genuine and compassionate nature.

Celia is one of our resident photographers on board The Rock, alongside Arthur they capture those special moments in pictures and video so you can immerse yourself in our activities and stunning environment here in The Bay of Islands. Celia was trained by Lionel Cherruault, photographer to the British Royal Family, for over 20 years he photographed the Windsors and accompanied them on their Royal Tours including their visits to NZ. 

Her nickname is " Seal" due to her love of the water, snorkelling and scuba diving. But when it comes to land-based activities one of her biggest passions in life is dance, especially ballet. She use to dance 6 days a week and gained a scholarship to a ballet school in Oxford.


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