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YHANZ - More than an affordable bed


A few years back we became part of the YHA family. Why you might ask? We know we don't fit the "normal backpacker hostel' description but we don't think YHA do either. You might know YHA as a great place to find an affordable bed. The truth is we think there is a whole lot more to them than that!

We joined YHA because they have a set of values that line up with ours here at The Rock Adventure Cruise. They are by no means exactly the same but they come from the same good place. Right at the heart of what they do is their people. YHANZ is full of good sorts you would just love to hang out with while you travel. It's like being part of a great big family - sound familiar? Yup, it did to us too. 

And they are also dead set on making sure this planet is around for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren to enjoy long after we are gone. In fact, they are the only hostel network in New Zealand that is carbon zero. And we think that is pretty cool. 

YHA is a not-for-profit registered charity that exists to help people get out and about around New Zealand. (Also sounds familiar - although we focus in on the Bay of Islands). YHA provide you with a network of quality budget accommodation in some of New Zealand’s most epic spots including us! There are over 35 YHA hostels nationwide - which makes us the biggest in New Zealand. 

Why are we telling you this? Because us being part of the YHA family means great stuff for you. 

YHA has a supercharged digital membership that brings you hundreds of discounts across New Zealand and Australia, in partnership with ISIC New Zealand.

Bonus if you are younger than both Sarah + Jonny (18-30 year old) you can get an IYTC membership with over 150,000 discounts worldwide. All for just $25 per year!

When you get your own YHA membership it will also support YHANZ's sustainability and community initiatives.

What's in it for you?

10% off YHA hostel stays when booked direct plus discounts at YHA and Hi Hostels internationally. (Yes that includes us!!)

Travel, activity and retail discounts as well as 20% off at select cafes and restaurants

Why wouldn't you? For just $25 you get discounts on all YHA accommodation in New Zealand - if you're booking just one bed here on The Rock for one night you will save money right away! It's a massive bonus if you booking a private cabin or bringing the family.

If that's not enough, you can get hundreds of local, national, and international discounts on things like food, awesome activities, and transport around the country.

YHANZ partnered with ISIC New Zealand - the people behind the International Youth Travel Card, in conjunction with the Entertainment Book team. For just $25 you get discounts on all YHA accommodation in New Zealand and our members now get digital cards plus access to over 2000 discount locations in NZ and Australia for those aged 31 or over, and over 150,000 discounts worldwide for those under 31! 

When you make your booking just add a YHA Membership under services and then use the promo code YHANZ10 to get your bonus 10% off our cruise. That means when you book and pay here on our website you get nearly 20% off the displayed prices. 

Any questions? Send us an email and we will be right back to you. Or head on over to the YHA's membership FAQ's they have everything answered for you.



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