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Let's learn more about the Maori history and culture!

Get your Maori Cultural Experience in Waitangi Museum

An Immersive Cultural Experience in Waitangi

When you are on a cruise in the Bay of Islands, never miss out on the chance to visit Waitangi. Waitangi is a locality in the Bay of Islands which is considered to be a part of Paihia, the main tourist destination of New Zealand's Bay of Islands. The Maori meaning of Waitangi is Weeping Waters. This part of the Bay of Islands is best known as the place where the Treaty of Waitangi was first signed on the 6th of February, 1840. Waitangi is one of the best places in New Zealand's Bay of Islands to learn about Maori culture and historical events that are associated with the signing of the treaty. Today, Waitangi is known for the Treaty Grounds, an area where you have an opportunity to learn about Maori culture first hand.


One of the must-see places in Waitangi is the Waitangi Museum. The Te Kōngahu Museum of Waitangi holds a vast collection of stories and taonga (treasured objects) that brings to life the history of Waitangi, and how it came to be. The history is told and brought to life through exhibits using state-of-the-art interactive technology to offer a one-of-a-kind museum experience. 


A Museum, Gallery and Learning Center

The Te Kōngahu Museum officially opened its doors to the public on February 5, 2016. The opening was made official by New Zealand's Governor-General, Sir Jerry Mateparae. It was then that the museum was formally named Te Kōngahu, a northern tribe word for an unborn child. It is said that the name represents the promise or potential of the new nation (New Zealand) born in Waitangi, through the treaty signing.


The museum also features a temporary gallery. This gallery has changing exhibits that run throughout the year. Some of these exhibits are from other museums and galleries across New Zealand. 


A home for Taonga

The museum structure in itself has been described as a treasure. It is a fitting title for a building that holds some of New Zealand's precious taonga or treasured objects. The building was thoughtfully designed to subtly fit into Waitangi's surrounding landscape. 


The museum not only houses a large number of precious taonga that is viewed throughout the main exhibit but also houses a massive collection of items that are not on display. 


Not only can Waitangi be full of historical knowledge, but it can also be a beautiful place to explore. You can tour the Waitangi river or explore the garden around the Treaty House. Waitangi's shorelines provide a continuously changing backdrop. A short trip from the Bay of Islands' main tourist spot, Paihia, grab the opportunity to immerse yourself in Maori culture. Simply ask the crew of The Rock Bay of Islands Adventure Cruise to take you there. 




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