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Night Kayaking


Experience the night skies out in a kayak.

Night Kayaking in the Bay of Islands

Our overnight cruise offers a special treat for our guests staying overnight onboard The Rock, unlike nothing they have ever experienced before in the great outdoors. The Bay of Islands is home to many wildlife that becomes more active in the night time. Under the moonlight, our crew and guests paddle out in their kayaks to the quiet bay often hearing the sound of Kiwi calls, or experience the magical water bioluminescence under the dark night skies. 

We have skilled and knowledgeable crew members to guide our guests kayak their way at the Bay of Islands in the night. This activity is suitable for all ages who want to join us on our overnight cruise. 

Kayaking in the dark out in the open at the Bay of Islands might sound scary for some, but The Rock crew will be there to guide and support our guests every step of the way. Before anyone gets on a kayak, the guests are briefed carefully on how to properly kayak and what to expect once they are out there in the water. All types of equipment necessary for night kayaking will be provided onboard, you could also bring your own waterproof cameras to capture the magical bioluminescence found in the Bay of Islands. If conditions permit we all get to see the glowing blue light produced by living organisms in the water. 

What is Bioluminescence? 

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA), Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by living organisms in marine life. On a moonless night, dinoflagellates or planktons and other marine organisms light up and release a chemical reaction that produces a green or blue glow in the dark effect. It is one of nature’s amazing phenomena. 

Bioluminescence is present in only a few parts of the world and fortunate for us in the Bay of Islands we get to experience it here in our natural playground. Words can’t come close to describe how spectacular this natural light show is, you are gonna have to see it for yourself. 

After a long day of cruising surrounded by beautiful scenery, our night kayaking remains as one of the highlights of our overnight cruise according to our guests.  

We are an advocate for the idea of nature therapy, and we hope that before you head back home, you will join us for a fun, and memorable experience in the great outdoors. We invite all the New Zealanders or Kiwi locals and also tourists from all over the world to join us for an overnight cruise and paddle out at night and many of our other activities at The Rock Adventure Cruise, surrounded by natural splendour and people you can feel comfortable with. 

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