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Get to know New Zealand Birds in their natural habitat

Bird spotting at The Rock Adventure Cruise

Find different birds that are only local in New Zealand, Bay of Islands.

bird spotted in the Bay of Islands New Zealand


Bird spotting in the Bay of Islands

What is this bird spotted in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Our cruise offers a lot of activities that are perfect for the family. But aside from the fun activities that we have arranged for you, you also get to see wonderful sights and the beauty of nature. One of those is the different birds that are only seen in the Bay of Islands. These birds are what makes the island more beautiful. From their sweet chirps to their colourful feathers, your eyes will never get tired of seeing them.

The Rock Adventure crew that will guide you are fully equipped and have the knowledge and skills that can help you understand the wildlife of the Bay of Islands. Luckily, the cruise is suitable for all ages and you can book for an overnight stay as well and see the native birds again the next day.

There are so many things to do in the Bay of Islands which is located in Pahia, New Zealand. Aside from Night Kayaking (only when you book an overnight stay), Snorkelling, Paddling, and Target Shooting, you should take time to look at the surrounding water and the island itself with all the different animals and different kinds of birds.

We love nature as much as you do so we do our very best to cater all of your needs and at the same time, also respect the island and these birds. Our cruise is the safest and you will still get to experience the great outdoors with zero hassle.

Bird Lovers Paradise

Spotted a local New Zealand birdlife in the Bay of Islands New Zealand

If you are a great lover of birds and you often do birdwatching or birding, then the Bay of Islands is the perfect spot for you to locate and observe our native birds. What’s awesome is that you also get to hear their sounds and observe their actions.

Birdwatchers often come to our cruises to visit the island just for this reason, and they never fail to locate the birds that are in here. The Bay of Islands is one of the greatest spots if you want some serene and quiet observation but at the same time, enjoy other animals that are not native but also reside on the island.

We are more than lucky to have this experience shared with our guests. Aside from being a natural attraction, we advocate saving these species and abide by all the laws to have a safe and fun adventure. We hope that you also get to experience this for yourself soon.

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