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Ride around Paihia and see the amazing views!

Biking around Paihia


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The perfect bike trails in Paihia, New Zealand


The Bay of Islands, New Zealand has more to offer than the famous scenic adventure cruises on water. There's a lot the Paihia has to offer inland as well. Aside from the rich flora and fauna that are unique to the Bay, you can also find historic structures and artifacts. You have the chance to experience Maori culture at its fullest. But if you're an adrenaline junkie looking for adventure on dry land, there are a lot of activities you can do. 


Mountain biking has grown pretty popular in the Bay of Islands. The combination of flat roads, minimal to no traffic, rugged mountain biking tracks and a backdrop of beautiful natural scenery makes the region a perfect cycling destination. Paihia, being the main tourist town, offers a lot of nearby mountain biking trails as well as bike rentals. There are about 41 bike trails in Paihia.


Recently, They have opened the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park. The park offers the perfect all-around option for bike enthusiasts at any time of the year. The park has a mixture of easy, scenic trails that you can ride at your own pace. There are also trails for the adrenaline junkies. The Park offers almost 50 kilometres worth of trails with varying difficulty. There are downhill riding trails, jump trails, cross country and beginner trails. The top 5 notable trails in Waitangi are Pakonga, Te Ara kaanihi, Nga Puhi, Hookioi, and Down and Out. 


Pakonga has a distance of 819 meters with a 9-meter climb and -74-meter descent. It's a single-track trail with a difficulty rating of Grade 4, which is for advanced riders. The average time to finish the track is around the 8 minute and 30 seconds mark.


Te Ara kaanihi stretches for around 917 meters in length, with a 1-meter climb and -45-meter descent. It is also a single-track trail with an intermediate difficulty rating. The trail type is more suitable for cross-country mountain bikes. The average time to finish the course is around 3 minutes.


Nga Puhi has a distance of 995 meters with an 18-meter climb and -76-descent. Also a single-track trail with a Grade 4 difficulty rating. The trail is more suitable for cross-country mountain bikes and has an average time of 6 minutes and 30 seconds. 


Hookioi has a distance of 868 meters, a 13-meter climb and a -76-meter descent. With a grade of 4, it's a fast downhill trail that can be finished under 3 minutes.


Down and Out has a short distance of 675 minutes, a 5-meter climb and a -46-meter descent. The trail is for intermediate riders and can be finished under 3 minutes.


With all these exciting bike trails available in one destination, be sure to tell the crew at The Rock Bay of Islands Adventure Cruise to add mountain biking to your itinerary. You may also check our Cruise Calendar so you don't miss out on all the Bay of Islands adventure. 






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