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Test your shooting skills aboard our boat and win a prize!

 target shooting at the bay of islandstarget shooting at The Rock NZ

If you want to channel your inner marksman while enjoying social charter entertainment, we have the perfect activity for you! 

Target shooting has made it to the list of fun things to do in New Zealand while cruising through the Bay of Islands only on The Rock Adventure Cruise.  This activity has been an ultimate favourite, particularly of our young guests who are into adrenaline-pumping activities, as it is suitable for their youthful energy and drive.  Unlike snorkelling, kayaking, and other popular activities enjoyed by having to leave the boat and immerse yourself in the waters, this activity only requires you to wear your safety glasses, and bring in some sense of enthusiasm for that adrenaline rush. 

While encountering the rolls and powers of the waves when drifting through the Bay of Islands, Target Shooting allows our cruisers to learn a new skill of hitting moving targets, at the same time keeping everyone engaged and entertained. This activity makes the perfect warm-up for an eventful cruise as this allows everyone to get to know each other first. We start by letting the cruisers make an introduction and share a little something about themselves, and then each person gets 2 to 3 shots after. 

Our crew sets up a buoy as the target off the deck into the water, and aimed at with the paintball gun as it is being towed by the boat. We call our target “Lee”, the plastic duck, and whoever luckily hits Lee gets a reward from our crew. So if you have an ounce of competitiveness in you, this activity is definitely a must try! 

We understand that handling what seems like a weapon isn’t exactly something that you do every day, and you may feel a bit apprehensive about this, but be assured that our activities are always made sure to be safe for everyone, and for all ages! We use environmentally friendly paintballs, and the handling and use of the paintball guns are under the close supervision of our skipper and crew. The Rock Adventure Cruise crew are fully trained, able to provide the level of assistance required for each person, and gets you feeling comfortable, confident and trigger-happy in no time.

Aside from getting lost in nature with all its raw and astounding attributes at the Bay of Islands, complete that ultimate island getaway with our venturesome onboard activities which might lead you to discover a new hobby!


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