The Rock | Bay of Islads Adventure Cruise

The Rock Adventure Cruise 24/25 April 2018

We were lucky to have a dolphin escort as we headed out cruising through the islands before we dropped anchor for dusk fishing from the boat, always an extra special cruise when these chance encounters occur.

It is well-known that the Bay of Islands boasts some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. What is less known is that of the 144 islands, very few can be accessed (or even seen) if you stay on land. To explore, you have to take to the water. 

That’s why The Rock Adventure Cruise is so special, because it gives you a long, lingering look at many of the area’s islands as you cruise - plus the opportunity to play beach games or go for a gentle walk up to a vantage point.

The Rock Adventure Cruise 24/25 April 2018
Awesome cruise, loads of fun had by all.  Along the way we had some unexpected but wonderfully received visitors make a cameo appearance.  Fishing as the sunset then after dinner settling in for the night.  Everyone up bright and early with belly's full after breakfast.  Next up on the agenda of fun was snorkelling, with a few having a go at collecting kina.  Crew member Kevin leads the way up the hill on our hike.  A bit of free time before heading back to The Rock for lunch and cruising back to Paihia. 
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