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The Rock Adventure Cruise 02/03 April 2018

It is well-known that the Bay of Islands boasts some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. What is less known is that of the 144 islands, very few can be accessed (or even seen) if you stay on land. To explore, you have to take to the water. 

That’s why The Rock Adventure Cruise is so special, because it gives you a long, lingering look at many of the area’s islands as you cruise - plus the opportunity to play beach games or go for a gentle walk up to a vantage point.

The Rock Adventure Cruise 02/03 April 2018.

Ending the Easter long weekend in style cruising on The Rock. The dolphins came to visit and put on a show for the our awesome guests. Delicious food, enthusiastic penguin dancers, kina cocktails. We had a blast!
music credit: Young & Abel by Kane Incognito
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Posted by Tomahawk Support on April 11, 2018


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